Exclusive living in Qatar


Main elevator lobby

The main elevator lobby comprises of 3 passenger elevators, 1 fireman’s elevator, a garbage chute room and an electrical room

Office lobbies and floors

The elevator lobby leads to the office lobby through a fully glazed double door.
The entire office space may be taken up by one office or divided to cater to the needs of two offices. Two air handling units (AHUs) are located on each floor allowing for separation of space in any configuration.
The office lobby leads to an exit staircase, a service area, the pantry and washrooms.
Raised flooring can be customized to suit the tenants interior design requirements and electrical junction boxes are accessible from all working desks.

Safety features

Building protection consists of an automatic sprinkler system, fire hose cabinets on each floor and a fire alarm system that meets international standards.
Fire rated steel doors provide direct access from the staircase to the external grounds.

Basements and parking

Mureikh Tower has three basements and three storeys of underground parking. All levels of parking have access to the entrance and exits of the Tower.